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Strapping Machines

Introduction to Strapping Machines

The need for speed is real. That’s why the process of strapping your packages for shipping just got easier with Strapack. With the speed and efficiency of today’s strapping machines, you can fill boxes quickly to get those shipments out the door. These machines are dedicated to fastening straps around boxes in a streamlined process, saving you time and space in your warehouse. These machines are so efficient that businesses often find they pay for themselves within the first few months of use. They’re also a great way to keep employees safe while performing repetitive tasks that can lead to injury if done too frequently or incorrectly.

What are Strapping Machines?

Strapping machines are automatic devices that are designed to both seal and seal around your packages. They can either be gravity-fed or hand-fed and come with a range of features and options to suit your business. Some models even allow you to custom-design your own strap designs for added branding. Most shipping companies require that you use their specified types and lengths of strapping. However, many businesses prefer to use reusable straps, particularly when shipping bulky or heavy items. Strapping machines can be used with a variety of strap types, including plastic, woven, and twine.

How do Strapping Machines Work?

Strapping machines use a feed system to allow you to quickly and easily apply the proper length of strap to your packages. There are two ways to feed the strap through gravity, where the strap is fed down from above the machine, or hand-fed, where you feed the strap manually. The strap is held in place by a rotating device. You can select the appropriate type and size of strap for your packages by adjusting the settings on your machine. The machine is designed to pull the strap through the rotating device and create the proper seal. You can either let the machine create a pre-cut seal or choose to cut the strap with a knife after the seal is applied to your package.

Benefits of Using Strapping Machines

When it comes to speeding up your shipping process, nothing does it better than strapping machines. These devices can be programmed to feed the strap, apply the strap to a package, and even cut the strap after it’s been applied. This means that you only need one person at the machine to feed the strap, apply the strap, and cut the strap. Two people could work at the machine, but only one is needed to actually apply the strap to the package. That leaves one person to pack the box and one person to label the box. That’s a pretty efficient process and one that has a lot of potential for increasing your shipping speed.

Types of Strapping Machines

As with any product, there are tons of different types of strapping machines to choose from. You can find machines that are designed specifically for a single type of strap, or you can choose a multi-purpose machine designed to accommodate a variety of strap types. Some machines even feature foot pedals for easier operation. You can also find pneumatic or electric models. Pneumatic machines are usually foot-powered, making them particularly useful for heavier applications or when you need to control the speed of the application.


Strapping machines are a great tool for streamlining your shipping process. They’re designed to automatically apply the correct length of strap to a package, making them ideal for larger or bulkier shipments. These machines can be programmed to feed the strap, seal the strap around the package, and even cut the strap after it’s been applied, which can reduce the time spent on packaging and preparing shipments.

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