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What are The Different Names of Packaging Straps in Pakistan?

What are the Different Names of Packaging Straps in Pakistan

Packaging straps in Pakistan are known by different names as well. There is no fixed standard name for them, so each manufacturer has its own name for the same packaging strap. But we found that the most common name in Pakistan is ‘packaging straps’ which is the name given by the manufacturers on their website.

Packaging Straps are used for making different types of packages and can be attached to any type of container or carton. Packaging Straps are a very useful material used to carry your product and protect it from damage, Paper and plastic strapping are widely used in packaging, transportation, printing, and other industries. Different manufacturers offer different types of packaging straps at different prices. You can choose your pick from the wide range available at Strapack.

In this article, we will discuss the different names used for packaging straps in Pakistan.

Different Names for packaging straps are

Packaging Straps are known by a wide range of words which can sometimes be confusing that’s why we have gathered the list of the most commonly used words for packaging straps in Pakistan.

  • Packaging straps
  • Strapping bands
  • Packaging Strips
  • Industrial Packaging Strips
  • Commercial Packaging Strips
  • Plastic Packaging Strips
  • PP Packaging Strips
  • PP Strapping Band
  • Packing Strip
  • Plastic Bailing Hoop
  • Plastic Packing Patri
  • Carton Packing Strip
  • PP strip
  • Printed PP Strip
  • Packaging Tie Straps


As we have discussed in this article, There are a variety of different names for packaging straps in Pakistan, depending on the region and the type of product being packaged. The most common name is Packaging Straps but other names include ‘Packaging Strips‘, ‘Strapping bands‘, and ‘Packaging Tie Strap‘. Different regions of Pakistan may use different names for packaging straps, but all of them are essential for securing and transporting goods.

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